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Security threats can take variety of forms – terrorism, theft, sabotage, arson, intrusion, espionage
and extortion. When it comes to securing, more than people and property are at stake - From security viewpoint the whole Film City campus can be viewed to comprise of the following areas:

  •  Outside Perimeter
  •  Entry & Exit Gates from surrounding public roads
  •  Hotel, Cottage, Residential & Administrative Building
  •  Car Parking Area
  •  Concourse (Empty Grounds, Landscape etc.)
  •  Special Purpose Equipment
  •  Security Control Room

Overall objective is to create an integrated onion-layered security blanket to make it difficult for
insurgents to damage property and human life.

A. Outside Perimeter

  • Perimeter Wall with barbed wire should be in place surrounding the entire campus
  • Fiber Optic Barrier Sensor to be installed on the perimeter fence
  • Alarm will be generated at Central Control Room (located within the complex) in case of any
  • unauthorized entry for immediate action
  • IP based CCTV cameras to push images in real-time to control room and record suspicious
  • movement along the perimeter

B. Entry & Exit Gates Retractable and Fixed Bollards

  • Post (diameter 12 inches) made of concrete, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron.
  • Post can be lowered when passage is authorized by any type of access control device (RF,
  • card, key, etc.), or at any time in case of an emergency.
  • When in the lowered position, the top is flush with the pavement or asphalt, and completely
  • hidden.
  • Can be operated manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically
  • Can withstand up to 300,000N and continue to operate (i.e. a truck traveling at high speed).
  • Retractable Electrical Bollards can be raised or lowered in 2-3 seconds

License Plate Capture System (LPC)

  • Complete solution for consistent, reliable number plate capture.
  • The unit combines the latest camera, optics, illumination and filter technology to provide
  • clear images of number plates in both day and night conditions at distances up to 7m.
  • Overcomes all issues related to speed, daytime highlights, reflectivity of number plate,
  • accurate focus during the day and night, car headlights etc.
  • Can be integrated with CCTV system for recording

Electronic Gate Opening System

  • Certain gates will be used exclusively by VIP’s & their staff.
  • Visitors will not be allowed through these gates
  • Cars belonging to VIP’s will be provided with RFID tags which will automatically trigger a
  • signal to open the entrance gate.
  • Cars without the RFID tag will be denied access.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

  • Inspection Ramp Weight: 50.3 Kgs
  • Inspection Ramp Size: 1240(W) x 540(W) x 80(H) mm
  • Material: Galvanized Steel & Heavy Duty Recycled PVC
  • Number of Cameras: 3-6
  • Cable Length: 20 meters
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 48 tons
  • Connected to Monitor and DVR
  • Fixed or Mobile

Under Vehicle Inspection System

  • Color Camera with DSP Color Control
  • 5" LCD Detachable Display
  • Integrated 16 Element White LED Illumination
  • Remote Articulating Camera Head, 120 Degrees from Center
  • Waterproof Camera Head
  • Lightweight Probe (2.2Kg with Display)
  • Rechargeable Batteries

Rising Step Barrier

  • A mechanical linkage connects the post and rising barrier via a power transfer box.
  • An optional traffic light can also be attached

IP based Digital CCTV System with Video Annalistic Software

  • Authorized personnel can rapidly zero in on images of specific locations, people, and events
  • in real time.
  • Capture, store, and analyze digital video images
  • Issue alarms to appropriate personnel for rapid action.
  • Interface with access control and other state-of-the-art security systems to issue automatic
  • alerts about exceptional events: unauthorized or piggybacked entry

Heavy Duty Baggage X-Ray Scanning System

  • Conveyorized X-ray security screening system designed for screening large luggage,
  • detecting concealed weapons, explosives, narcotics, currency, and contraband items.
  • Staffs & Visitors carrying handbags and personal possessions should be subject to
  • examination by X-ray machines

C. Hotel, Cottage, Residential & Administrative Building

Door Frame & Hand Held Metal Detector
Visitors ID Badge System
Desktop X-Ray for explosives, narcotics and weapons (hand baggage, parcel, mail etc.)

ID Card System/Biometric System

  • All Administrative Staffs are to be given RFID based Photo ID cards
  • Access rights to buildings, rooms to be assigned to individual cardholder
  • Access control Readers to be installed in all building entry points
  • For authorized personnel access control panel releases turnstiles/door.
  • Access Control System, integrated with CCTV cameras, at all building entrances.

Millimeter Wave Imager

  • Imager designed to detect weapons and other concealed 'threat' objects.
  • Can effectively see through layers of soft materials
  • Able to operate day or night
  • System can be configured to accommodate cultural and social concerns (non-intrusive)
  • Provides scanner operator with highly accurate and real-time image of concealed objects

Digital CCTV Surveillance & Recording System

Covering all building entrances Covering corridors and visitor rooms Integrated with Access control system, Perimeter Protection System and other possible equipments Live video monitoring and control from the Central Control Room Intimation to Control Room in case of alarm situation Recording of all events 24x7

D. Car Parking Area

Barriers to be placed along the perimeter of the car parking area Bollards, guardrails, water fountains, walls, raised planting beds, boulders, and Jersey barriers to be installed to prevent a car bomb attack. Vehicles to be kept at least 30 to 40 meters away from the building entrances. Parking area surveillance by closed circuit television cameras.

E. Concourse

CCTV cameras will be installed in strategic locations on poles, building walls, etc. to monitor in real time the entire premises All the cameras will be connected either by coax/fiber optic cable/ wireless for viewing from the local central control room Adequate lighting arrangement throughout the complex area

F. Special Purpose Equipment

Security Staff in Film City area to be provided with Handheld Contraband Detector to detect hidden items in sealed bottles, boxes, car tyres, etc. HazMat Smart Strip for the detection of nerve agents, cyanide, arsenic, etc.

Blast containment trashcans

Handheld radiation monitoring device

Wireless handsets (interfaced with control room)

Counter Terrorism Electronic Warfare Jamming and Detection Systems

G. Security Control Room

The control room will be equipped with CCTV monitors, PC’s, controllers, digital recorders. All CCTV camera images throughout the complex can be viewed and controlled in real-time. Alarm generated in case of unauthorised access or any security breach will be generated at Control Room.

Control room to communicate with field officers using wireless handsets.

Public Address System to be operated from control room.

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